AMSSA bought the current Centre in North Melbourne in 2012, to cater for the growing needs of the community. The venue is a refurbished warehouse, now housing a large Mosque for both men and women, Multiple classrooms and conference rooms, offices as well as an Indoor Stadium. The Venue also has large underground carpark that can hold almost 40 vehicles at a time.

AMSSA Centre is designed to be community hub where people can come not only to pray but to play, learn and relax, the Hub provides a large recreational space where people can spend their day.

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The mosque has a welcoming atmosphere, and the Friday prayers are moving. The educational programs are also helpful for deepening my understanding of Islam. I feel grateful to be part of this supportive community.

Ismael Suleiman

Community Member

I like AMSSA mosque because of its welcoming and inclusive community, inspiring Friday prayers, and valuable educational and community events. It’s a great resource for the community and beyond.

Mohamed Ahmed