Youth and Community development service’s

We at AMSSA believe that young people are the backbone of our community, an engaged, participative and progressive youth means a vibrant and a resilient Muslim community that contributes socially and economically to the Australian Society. 

Our youth branch, the AMSSA Youth Connect (AYC), plans and delivers multiple projects and programs each year that are designed to facilitate positive growth, empowerment and understanding of identities. They offer young people a safe spaces and platforms to explore ideas, concepts and creative endeavors to help navigate the sometimes-complex issues our youth face in the ever-changing environment that we live in today.

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The mosque has a welcoming atmosphere, and the Friday prayers are moving. The educational programs are also helpful for deepening my understanding of Islam. I feel grateful to be part of this supportive community.

Ismael Suleiman

Community Member

I like AMSSA mosque because of its welcoming and inclusive community, inspiring Friday prayers, and valuable educational and community events. It’s a great resource for the community and beyond.

Mohamed Ahmed